Spare Parts store

Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic cylinder, pumps, control valves, seal kits, relief valves, prefill valves, etc.

Mechanical components

Die mold, bush, pulley, rack pinions, spool rods, bearings, name tags, etc.

Electrical Components

Sensors, control panels, push buttons, indicator lamps, starters, wires, etc.

other components

Brick hardener chemical, oxide color, paver block mould, lime, gypsum, etc.

Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic Cylinder

Main Cylinder, Ejector Cylinder, Feeder Pushing Cylinder, Side Support Cylinder, etc.

Radial Piston Pump

Available in number of pistons 3D, 5D, 7D etc. in both open and close casing.

Vane Pump

Operate with constant flow. Produce less noise while maintaining a high speed.

Gear Pump

Flow rate ranging from 1 to 100 LPM. Tandem Pump also available on request.

Solenoid Valve

Controls the start, stop and direction of flow. Optional hand use in emergency.

Direction Control Valve

Lever Operated, all parts available like O-ring, spool rods, etc.

Pressure Relief Valve

Direct Acting, available in cartridge and threaded both.

Prefill Valve

Purpose of pre-filling large cylinders during their rapid approach motions.

Manifold Block

For any type of custom built systems, for DC-valve, PRV or flow control valve.

Pressure Control Module

Fitted to control Double pumps of Hi-Low system.

Bell Housing

By using this, motor and pump shaft are aligned to each other optimally.

Pressure Gauge

Dial Size: 100mm 150mm 250mm, Mounting: Bottom, Back or Hose fitted.

Seal Kit and O-ring

Made from high-grade materials, in compliance with the standards. Custom Size also available.

Filler Breather

Stainless steel cap, vents underneath, metal or plastic strainer standard.

Suction Strainer

Filtration: 149 Microns, reusable stainless steel 100 mesh standard. Paper Filter also available.

Hose and Fittings

Hose pipe according to given measure, all types of fittings and adapters.

Oil Level Gauge

Aluminium pressure Die-cast, 3" & 5" between bolt centers, 1/4" to 1.5" BSP connection.

Flow Control Valve

Maximum Working Pressure: 350 Bar, Threaded and modular type both available.

Pipe Clamp

Available in both heavy and light duty, high density plastic mould & mild steel plates.

Mechanical Components

Brick Die Mould

Gear Coupling

Custom Size Bush

Spool Rods

Mixer Arm/Roller

Mixer Gear Box

Cast Iron Pulley

Rack & Pinion

Conveyer Belt

Idler with Bracket

Head/Tail Pulley

Pillow Blocks


Ball Bearings

Electrical Components

PLC Panel



Motor Starter Panel

Proximity Sensor

Motor Starter

MCB Switch

RF Switch

Push Button

Indication Lamp

Gear Motor

Limit Switch

Cable and Wires

Other Components

Brick Chemical Hardener

Wooden Brick

Recycled Plastic Pallets

Laminated Wooden Pallets


Rubber Name

Aluminum Name Plates


Paver Block

Iron Oxide