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The Only Fly Ash Brick Making Machine Service Company in India,

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Our story

Working for more than 10+ years in the fly ash brick making industry, a huge problem we saw here was the breakdown of the production machine. Poor services and bad response of the machine manufacturer means loss of both money and labour. When we searched online we found no company with the sole motive of removal of owner’s problems. Most companies try to sell out their product, machine and spares.

Additionally, for the people trying to enter this industry and setup their new plant, there is no proper data available for their research and knowledge purpose, all the information that is available in the internet is in scattered pieces.

For this reason, we at myBrix, decided to build a team of the best, most talented, dedicated maintenance technicians and service engineers available and provides a work environment that allows employees to focus on caring for customer needs. We recruited people who are not SALESMAN but a true SERVICEMAN.

We have also gathered Field Experts and Consultants of this industry so that starting a new business becomes a less difficult and less confusing process for you. Everything we do, is designed to inspire each other to challenge the problems prevailing in the fly ash brick making industry and build partnerships that maintains your success.